A documentary about the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

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About What Happened In Vegas

While on vacation in Las Vegas, Ramsey Denison is walking through a parking lot when he sees a group of police officers abusing a stranger in custody. Shocked by what he’s witnessing, he calls 911 to report police brutality — only to find himself attacked by police and arrested. After reading a police report filled with lies and discovering that the video documenting his attack by the LVMPD has conveniently gone missing, Denison investigates a terrifying pattern of police corruption and discovers that behind the shimmering surface of Las Vegas lies a police department with individuals willing to go to any lengths to cover up crimes.

What Happened In Vegas exposes the truth surrounding four cases in which all of the victims were killed by cops. The film graphically portrays the deaths of Trevon Cole, Erik Scott, Stanley Gibson, and Tashii Farmer-Brown. With the help of the victim’s families, this shocking documentary weaves its way through the maze of lies from top LVMPD officials.

Even in the shadow of this deep corruption, we meet heroic LVMPD officers who fight to improve relations with the community while keeping the streets safe. What Happened In Vegas takes a deep look at what is going wrong and what, if anything, can be done to fix it. Every bit as provocative as Making a Murderer and The Thin Blue Line, this explosive expose is a searing examination of out of control cops and abuse of power.

Victims of LVMPD Police Brutality

Tashi Farmer-Brown

TASHI FARMER-BROWN, an aspiring clothing designer who approached LVMPD Officer Kenneth Lopera for help and ended up being strangled to death, in spite of the fact that he did not commit a crime.

Stanley Gibson unarmed and Killed by former Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer Jesus Arevalo the only Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police Department history to be terminated in the line of shooting.

STANLEY GIBSON, a Gulf War veteran who was gunned down by LVMPD officer Jesus Arevalo after the cop mistook a bean bag deployed by other LMVPD officers for a gun shot.

 Erik Scott, a West Point and Duke graduate, was murdered by officers with the LVMPD at a Las Vegas Costco

ERIK SCOTT, a West Point graduate who was shot and killed by LVMPD officer William Mosher while leaving a Costco when Mosher allegedly mistook his Blackberry phone for a gun. The LVMPD conveniently claimed the video cameras weren’t working that day.

Cole’s death was one of several high-profile incidents which led to calls to reform what seemed to be a trigger-happy police force.

TREVON COLE, a clothing salesman and small time drug dealer who was gunned down by LVMPD officer Bryan Yant after trying to flush marijuana down the toilet.